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Millions of children suffer from poverty, homelessness, hunger, abuse, neglect, disease and disabilities. Tragically, these children often must live without essential health and education services that would alleviate their distress – and give them hope for the future. That’s why the Lions Services for Children Program continues Lions Clubs International’s long tradition of helping the world’s future generations.

Lions Services for Children Projects

The problems children face vary in degree from country to country, but the need for health and education services is constant and universal. Lions clubs help address these needs by developing projects with specific, attainable goals, including:

  • Collecting food, clothes or books
  • Organizing a vision or hearing screening
  • Providing immunizations through a vaccination drive
  • Starting a literacy program with a local school, library, community center or Leo club
  • Supporting a nutritional program for undernourished children
  • Securing wheelchairs for disabled children
  • Sending a child with diabetes or physical challenges to a specialized camp

Lions have also constructed hospitals, schools, orphanages and children’s centers throughout the world to serve youth in need.


Visit to Deaf And Dumb Students

Lions visited deaf and dumb students at Sekolah Temenggung Abdul Rahman on 4th Nov 2010 to celebrate Children Day with them.They brought along snacks and also donated a Microwave and  a Baking Oven to them for their special  children class.

Visit To Kebajikan Orang-Orang Istemewa


By Leos From Segamat


Lion President Lim Peng Keong, DC for Youth Program Region 7 Lion Tee Piaw Tian and Leos from Canonssian Convent,Sekolah Tinggi,SMK Seg Hwa visited Pesatuan Kebajikan Orang Istemewa at Jalan Genuang on the 23rd. October.

 They were there to give presents and celebrate the birthday of two handicap children. Goodies were packed and given to all those in the home. The Leos were seen playing and laughing with the children.



UPSR Talks

LC Segamat



 Sightfirst Mobile Unit


SJK(c) Hwa Nam

Batu Anam ,Segamat

Group Photo for the Project




COC Lion Lian Fong Kim ( LC SEGAMAT)


President Of LC Segamat (centre) Lion Lim Peng Keong

SJK (Tamil) Batu Anam




Mid-Autum Festival With Special Childrens


The Lions Club of Segamat organized a Mid-Autumn Festival Fellowship for Zone 17 Clubs at Lion Vincent’s Pang residence on the 19th. Sept 2010. Lions, Lioness, Leos and children from Persatuan Kebajikan Orang Istemewa and their volunteers were invited. Many types of foods were served; solf drink and beer were provided. The Leos were there to play with the children; they were given lanterns with candles lighted.

 This is our 3rd. Zone 17 Mid Autumn Festival and we intend to continue doing it anually where all the clubs chip in a nominal sum.



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